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March 12, 2021 2 min to read

Entryway rugs for your home: a useful guide

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The first impression of your home lies on a piece of the mattress. An entryway rug does not only contribute to making the first glance of the entrance elegant but adds personality to one’s home.

When you’re planning to put an entryway rug, a lot of the factors come to light. Beyond your entryway’s appearance, the size, shape, and material need to fit with the area. An entrance can look over to a large hallway, an open space, or just foot traffic.

Whatever the appearance may be, it’d help match the area and the rug with the tone to fit.

Why put an entryway rug?

An entry rug is a friend to your tile or wooden floor. Besides protecting the floor from contaminants, entryway rugs reduce the chance of unwanted chemical particles getting through the house.

How to choose the proper entryway rug for your home?


Measuring the entryway is the first thing to do when getting an entryway rug. Your preferences regarding how much flooring you want to cover and show are also factors when measuring the space.

Do you want to flaunt the wooden furnished floor that you put so much thought into? Or do you want to cover a particular space that isn’t reasonably necessary to show?

Whatever it may be, deciding the size of the rug is an important consideration.


Making sure that the size of the rug matches the entryway and helps make your entrance stand out and leave off a great impression. Sometimes a lot of homes have a narrow hallway following the entrance.

In cases of narrow slides, a runner can imprint a flawless impression. On the other hand, if you have a wide space in front of the entrance, a rectangular rug can suit just fine.

Some rugs come in fancy shapes if not expected. Circle, square, hexagon, etc, shaped rugs add a different dimension to your home entrance.


Choosing a sturdy material and can handle high traffic is an essential factor to look for. You’ll have guests coming with dirt and contaminants underneath their shoes.

A material that can handle these wears and tears with grace is the right option for an entryway rug.

Jute and sisal material

Rugs made of jute are pretty popular and are heavily used around the world because it promises durability. Jute and sisal rugs are always successful in trapping pollutants and are super easy to clean.

However, whenever the carpet gets wet, you want to make sure you dry it before putting it back on the floor. This helps to have mold or bacteria get built underneath the rug…
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