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December 27, 2019 2 min to read

Driving security tips you should know

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Being safe while driving is vital. After all, you aim to reach to your destination safe and sound. Sometimes, this becomes a problem due to many occurrences such as car jerking, severe weather conditions or chaotic traffic jams.

These are things you cannot avoid whether you are a beginner, seasoned or diligent driver. But there are measures you can take to keep safe.

Safety measures when driving

The key thing here is to equip yourself with tips that can help you stay safe while driving. Here are just a few of them:

Driving at night

Insecurities tend to increase during the night or very early in the morning when it is still dark. To stay safe, avoid driving with the inner light.

If you do so, you will be exposing yourself to street urchins and criminals. Owe unto you if they happen to spot something valuable such as a phone, laptop or other valuable devices.

Install a tracking device

If your car doesn’t have a tracking device, you should consider installing it. It will help you know where your car is all the time.

Plus, if you give it to someone else, you can monitor all its movements. You invested a fortune to own that car, so wanting to know where it is all the time is just natural.

Car documentation

If you can, it would be better not to carry your vehicle’s original documents. Having your original documents inside your car makes it pretty easy for a criminal to take your car and leave you with nothing to claim that that car was once yours.

Hence, make a point of photocopying these documents so that you can be carrying them around instead of the original ones.

Avoid taking one route

If you are always taking the same route to go to work or any other place you frequent, you are making things easier for criminals to track your path.

Be unpredictable. The route you take today doesn’t have to be the route you take tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Whenever possible, alternate those paths and make it extremely difficult for criminals to monitor your movements.

Avoid strangers

At no point should you be lured into stopping for a stranger especially if you are travelling alone and the road is not very busy.

Some criminals will try to wave for you and pretend to be having a problem but when they get inside your car…
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