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January 21, 2020 2 min to read

8 things you should never do when renting a car

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It is no longer just about a good resort for vacations. More and more drivers decide to part with their vehicle and choose to rent a car, either long term or occasionally. And this is what we are going to talk about here.

People do not usually use the car, or they seek to save the fixed costs of maintaining them. Getting a cheap car rental service seems like a viable option.

There are several options when it comes to renting a car. We can find several companies, many models, dozens of rates and, above all, the comfort of having a car for a few hours and forgetting about everything else.

1. Who can drive the car?

It may be that the signed contract only allows the owner to take the car. And this can lead to serious problems.

For example, it may cause trouble if there is some mishap and the one behind the wheel is not the one who hired the service.

It doesn’t work with them agreeing on someone else driving the car. Probably, that permission has an extra cost, and we will decide to bear it or not.

2. How a plus for miles

Here’s another source of unpleasant surprises when renting a car. It is essential to know the mileage policy of the rate we subscribe.

There are offers with no limit of miles but, on other occasions, the contract allows to travel a certain number and applies an extra cost per mile extra distance.

If we think we are going to exceed that limit, it is convenient to take it into account before signing.

3. What about the deposit?

The most common will be for the rental company to deliver the car with a full tank and we must return it in the same conditions.

That is why you have to make sure of the levels before starting and expressly ask how to deliver it. Another pro tip: save the gas station ticket where it shows the refueling time, and the liters paid.

They can’t say that it has not been returned as required. Same advice for the delivery schedule: if you have to leave it in a garage, save the ticket where the exact time of entry appears. This way, they won’t be able to accuse you of leaving it after hours.

4. Where do I get it and where do I leave it?

Car rental franchises usually have several centers, even in the same city. That’s why you have to ask exactly where to return it. It might seem that leaving…
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