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February 17, 2021 2 min to read

How to prevent dish racks from rusting

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When it comes to dish racks, more people prefer steel ones over plastic racks. Because plastic looks tacky and it can mess up the modern aesthetics of your kitchen. Steel racks, on the other hand, look classy and modern.

But the problem is, steel racks are more susceptible to rusting. And once they rust, it won’t be a good sight in the kitchen. And you’ll have rust powder all over your plates and utensils.

Worry no more. You don’t have to settle for the plastic rack. We are going to teach you how to remove rust from steel dish racks.

Why do dish racks rust

Dish racks undergo a lot of wear and tear. Especially if you have been cleaning them in the dishwasher. It can deteriorate fast if you don’t know how to properly clean it.

And here are several reasons why your dish rack easily rusts.

– Your heat cycle in the dishwasher is too high. This damages the vinyl covering and exposes the metal part of the dish rack to water.
– Overloading the dish rack can also cause small nicks and dents. If you tossed in a lot of plates more than what the rack can handle, these small nicks can be the start of rusting.
– Placing sharp-edged cutleries such as knives can scratch your dish rack. And when not fixed, water will enter these small scratches. Thus, rusting is inevitable.
– Putting improperly washed cutleries in your dish rack will encourage rusting.
– The water pipes in your dishwasher can also be the cause of rust. These can be made from copper, brass, or metal. And when these metals react with one another, it can lead to rusting.

How to prevent your dish racks from rusting

An organized and well-kept kitchen speaks volumes of you as a homemaker. A clean dish rack can affect the aesthetics of your kitchen.

To prevent it from rusting, here are simple ways on how.

1. Gently load your dishes into the dish rack

Just tossing plates and cutleries in the dish rack can scratch the vinyl covering of the dish racks. Vinyl covering exists to protect the racks. It will prevent water from getting into contact with the metal part of the rack. So once there’s a small slit on the jaycar vinyl covering. Water can enter and it will start rusting.

2. Clean your dish racks regularly

Make it a habit to clean your dish racks 2-3 times a week. Everyone is guilty of allowing their dish racks to sit uncleaned for more than a week.

This can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Molds, and mildew. In addition, if you clean your dishes racks regularly…
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