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August 11, 2020 2 min to read

How small businesses can benefit from digital marketing

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Big businesses have taken to digital platforms and marketing for quite a while. However, in the last few years, small businesses too are eagerly adapting to digital marketing.

The fallouts of the Coronavirus pandemic has shown that digital is a strong platform for businesses. It helps in keeping brands engaged to the consumers and improves sales and revenues.

For a very long time, small businesses have relied on traditional and outdated models of marketing and advertising. For example, you might have seen your local deli advertising through leaflets, brochures as well as other means.

It is only recently, that small businesses have started seeing results from digital marketing activities. In this article, we look at how digital marketing can help small businesses survive the ongoing pandemic. We also look at five digital marketing strategies; small brands should look to follow.

How digital marketing can help small businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic

The changing realities of life and commerce in the aftermath of the pandemic has altered everything. Businesses can no longer expect that existing model of reaching out to consumers, making sales, convincing prospective buyers will continue to hold the same level of sway.

With norms for social distancing and other protocols becoming the order of the day, it is important that small brands take help from digital marketing.

Reaching out to consumers on search engines and social platforms can help put forward small businesses’ products and services.

With more and more people staying indoors and using the internet for almost every aspect of their lives, it is important to make the transition to digital.

This means working with a specialised digital marketing agency or setting up your own internal teams.

Small businesses, as a start, should at least look to create their brand website and social media pages. This is part of the basic hygiene of having a digital presence. AdWords, PPC, SEO and GMB are the next steps.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

One of the simplest things small businesses need to understand about digital marketing is the following.

When any business pursues digital marketing, it always stands to interact, engage, reach out to and convince a far larger proportion of prospective consumers than any other medium.

In addition to this, the other major advantages of digital marketing for small businesses are the following:

  • Multiple channels to interact with your consumers on digital
  • Your website remains open 24×7, unlike your store or office room
  • Making your small business into a big branding through digital branding
  • Doing businesses in different cities and even countries thanks to digital
  • Tracking responses from consumers using data analytics and allocating resources
  • Making future projections by studying trends, analytics and predictions

Digital offers a much fairer playing field for small businesses to play with the big boys. If your creative strategy is…
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