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November 12, 2020 2 min to read

How to organize the cleaning of your kitchen

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Keeping a clean kitchen can appear to be impossible, but don’t feel intimidated- there are simple, cheap, and fast ways to keep your kitchen clean.

Here is a complete list of the chores necessary to keep your kitchen looking perfect, accompanied by the time it takes to do them, any supplies you will need, how hard they are, and whether or not you could trust your kid to do them right so that you don’t have to. It’s not illegal employment of minors if you’re related, folks!

Things You Need to Clean Your Kitchen

You need fewer supplies to clean your kitchen than you think!

1. Fancy (optional) Rubber Gloves

Use these rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Especially useful to protect from oven cleaner.

2. A Spray Bottle

You can use an old clean bottle from some cleaning solution, or you can buy a pretty spray bottle. You’re going to be putting a vinegar cleaning solution in it.

3. Microfiber Cleaning Clothes

These microfiber clothes can be used wet or dry, washed with the laundry, and are much more environmentally friendly than using a ton of paper towels.

4. A Good Broom

Get a broom with bristles that won’t scratch your floor when you sweep. A hook on the top of the broom handle will let you hang it in your basement stairway or on the back of a door.

5. Disinfecting Wipes

Use disinfecting wipes to quickly wipe down counters and surfaces after a spill or in between cleanings. They cut grease and remove germs.

6. Dish Detergent

Eco-friendly dish detergent makes a great cleaning solution for kitchens! Mix it with water and use it to clean stoves, sinks, and counters.

7. Scrubbing Cleaner

Mild scrubbing cleaners are just abrasive enough to remove dirt and grime from your surfaces, but not so abrasive that they’ll scratch surfaces.

How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

To clean a stainless steel sink, use a wet microfiber cloth and some dish detergent to gently remove crud and discoloration. Take a clean towel and dry sink, removing excess water.

To clean a stainless steel faucet, use a wet microfiber cloth and some dish detergent, as with the stainless steel sink. Dry after finishing with a clean towel. Do not abrade the surface with a sponge.

After drying, if you want an extra shiny faucet, you can buff it to a shine with some steel polish. For that matter, you can polish the sink, too.

Fridge Cleaning

Cleaning my refrigerator is my least favorite chore. To clean a refrigerator first, take all of the food out. Then, any part of the…
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