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February 4, 2019 2 min to read

How to choose a bicycle

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These days, we all generally linger on all the available options whenever we go to buy anything because of the influx of variety and more advancement of technology.

If you wish to purchase the best suited bicycle for yourself then below is a guide on how to choose the perfect bike:

Size Of The Bicycle As Per The Height

Different sizes of the bicycles are available as per the height of the individual rider. For example if the height is between 5’3″ and 5’6″, the bicycle frame size of 51 to 53 cm would be a perfect size for you.

However, if your height is between 5’6″ and 5’9″, then the frame size of 54 to 55 cm of a bicycle would be suitable for you.

How To Calculate The Right Height Of The Bicycle

As per the bicycle height, the right size of the bike could be calculated in easier way. Stand straight on your feet and then open your legs between 6 to 8 inches wide.

Then calculate the height, which will give you the right size of the bicycle that we should require.

Availability Of Various Kinds Of Bicycles

There are many bicycles available on the market as per the choice and requirement of the rider:

  1. Choose a mountain bicycle if you like to ride in bumps and dirt.
  2. Choose a road or touring bicycle if you like to go for long rides on flat roads.
  3. Choose hybrid bicycle if you like to go for smooth rides.

How To Choose The Best Bike

There are so many varieties and choices available on the market so it becomes normal to feel confused when you try to decide on the best bicycle.

If you are trying to buy a bicycle with a group of friends then you might end up buying the same bike type that your friend has chosen instead of the suitable one for yourself.

If they are on the mountain bicycles then you may not fall along the road bike even if that’s what you need. So go alone and choose wisely without giving in to any pressures.

Types Of Bikes

There are many kinds of bicycles available these days

Road Bicycles

Road bicycles are made to ride fast on the pavements and roads. They have thin tires and dropped gears to keep the grip on the road.

These bicycles can be used for road racing. These bicycles are lighter and are not capable of lifting heavy loads. They can be ridden on pavements but some may feel uncomfortable or consumed by the fear to get slipped.

Cyclo-Cross Bicycles

These bikes are designed to be ridden on mix surfaces like roads, pavements, grass trails etc. They are also known as cross bicycles or cx bikes.

They have dropped handles like regular bicycles but have wider tires in order to give you more grip even on mud surfaces and also contain different kinds of breaks.

Touring Bicycles

These are another kind of road bicycles which can also be ridden on roads but are more durable to ride on long distances. They have mounted racks for cargo.

Their seats are designed to make you feel comfortable on longer distances. They have longer gear range as compared to regular bicycles. These gears are also designed in such a way that the rider can carry heavy loads on steeps and slops during long rides.

They can be used as commuter bicycles since they can easily carry heavy loads for long distances…
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