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August 10, 2020 2 min to read

How to bring your foreign fiance to the US

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For most people, their wedding day falls among the most memorable days in their lives. However, if you are a citizen of the United States marrying a foreigner, your experience will involve a lot more than just sending out wedding invites.

If you are looking to have your finance join you in the US, then you must familiarize yourself with form I-129F, which is your first step when applying for a K1 visa. A K1 visa is a visa issued to a person affiliated to an American citizen.

Form I-129F is a document that you fill if you want your partner to receive proper authorization to enter the U.S. legally.

Upon successful application, they will obtain a K1 visa which will then allow them to file for status adjustment so as to become a permanent legal resident.

Seems simple right? Not exactly. Getting a K1 visa involves a lot of documents and procedures, all of which shall be discussed below.

Proof of Your Relationship

When filling form I-129, you and your partner will be required to prove that your relationship is legitimate and that the intention to marry is honest. You are able to prove this by using dated photos where both of you are present.

You should also include photocopies of plane tickets and stamped passports that show both of you traveling to see each other.

You can also add credit card receipts that show you spending money and staying at the same place over the same period of time.

These documents or any similar documents that will solidify your claim will work well because they come from neutral third parties such as airlines and credit card companies.

You must also have met your fiancé in person at least two years before the date of application. However, in the event that one is unable to meet, maybe for cultural, religious, or hardship reasons then you should apply for a waiver.

When applying for this waiver, be sure to bring with you a letter from the foreign-born fiancé’s parents and/or their religious guides.

If it is due to a hardship such as a disability or any general medical condition, then a letter from a medical professional together with copies of relevant medical records will prove useful.

Eligibility for a K1 Visa

There are several criteria one must meet to be considered eligible for a K1 visa. This what they entail:

– The petitioner and his/her fiancé must both be legally able to marry.
– The foreign-born fiancé must marry the citizen upon arriving in the country.
– They must show their intention of marriage, this could include providing additional documentation such as wedding card invites.

The documents provided above will help prove the legitimacy of the relationship…
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