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May 4, 2020 2 min to read

Breast implant vs fat transfer: which is better for you?

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Two common breast enlargement techniques nowadays are breast augmentation and fat transfer. Breast augmentation remains very popular but a small percentage of patients are opting for fat transfer. It tends to be more natural since it utilizes unwanted fat from other parts of the body.

Knowing the potential benefits and pitfalls of these breast enlargement techniques also helps you make better decisions.

Both, when done successfully, leave you with fuller and larger breasts. You feel more confident and can even revamp your wardrobe by getting new clothes.

So, which one should you choose: breast implant or fat transfer? Let’s find out:

Breast Implants

Are you familiar with the breast augmentation procedure? The surgeon aims to place a sac-implant filled with saline or silicone gel beneath your breast tissue. Doing so will enlarge your breasts.

Patients who choose breast implants are a smiley bunch as the surgery has high satisfaction rates. Still, it’s essential to have all the facts when choosing a breast implant or fat transfer procedure.

Benefits of breast implants

Now, there are many benefits to choosing breast augmentation surgery:

1. The change is permanent. Implants can remain in your body for over 10 years without needing any change. Since they are not part of the breast tissue, they can’t become smaller or larger.

2. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is also convenient. The surgery takes not more than one hour thirty minutes to complete.

3. Recovering from the surgery only takes a short time. You can expect to go home on the same day. Returning to work is possible after 2 to 3 days. Full recovery happens after a few weeks.

4. Breast implants have been used since the 1960s. They are extensively studied and were even banned for 14 years in the USA out of safety concerns, only to be approved in 2006 after being proved to be very safe.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation

To settle the breast implant vs fat transfer conundrum, it‘s not enough to only consider the advantages. The disadvantages should be considered, and they include:

1. Capsular contracture

The body responds by forming a capsule around the breast implant, and this helps in holding it in place. Now, when the scar tissue starts to press around the implant, this leads to capsular contracture.

Most patients feel uncomfortable since the breast feels firmer or out of place. Now, capsular contracture is thought to occur in 2 to 5% of the patients, and not all patients choose to have it repaired…
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