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June 8, 2020 2 min to read

Breast implant replacement: what is it?

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Breast implants are typically very durable and can almost withstand any activity in a patient’s life. However, unlike other types of artificial devices, the quality of implants eventually withers away with time as the years go by.

Simply put, breast implants don’t last forever, and they need to be either modified or replaced somewhere later down the line.

What’s ‌The‌ ‌Average‌ ‌Duration‌ ‌Of‌ ‌Breast‌ ‌Implants?‌

The average shelf life of saline or silicone implants is typically somewhere between 10 to 20 years. However, most of them are removed because of cosmetic concerns or complications. About 20% of patients have their implants either replaced or removed within a span of 8 to 10 years.

If you want to know when you need your implants replaced, then keep reading on to find out.

What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Breast‌ ‌Implant‌ ‌Replacement?

Breast implant replacement is a cosmetic surgery that is typically the reverse of breast augmentation. In this procedure, the patients have their implants either removed or have their size and shape revised.

Most women who had breast implant surgery will need to consider other revision procedures, some of which include:

  • Having the implant removed and replaced with new ones;
  • Have the existing implants repositioned, or
  • Have the implants removed without replacing them.

If you’re experiencing complications with your implants (including capsular contracture or infection), then your plastic surgeon might suggest having the implants removed.

Other possible reasons to have breast implants removed could be:

  • Calcium buildup
  • Necrosis or dead tissue development around the implant

Indications‌ ‌When‌ ‌It’s ‌Time‌ ‌For‌ ‌Removal‌ ‌Or‌ ‌Replacement

Breast augmentation patients will know when it’s time to either remove or replace their implants if or when they experience the following complications:


Hardening, otherwise known as capsular contracture, is when the scar tissue around either one or both implants hardens.

The patients may experience pain, tightness, abnormal cosmetic changes, and tenderness in their breast(s). In some situations, this condition may occur more than once in the same breast.

Silicone Rupture

Silicone implants can rupture. The gel used in these implants is a lot thicker than saline. When a silicone implant ruptures, the gel usually stays within the implant or the scar tissue surrounding it. Due to this, when these implants get ruptured, they would often go unnoticed. And that’s why they’re commonly known as silent ruptures.

Many patients don’t witness any symptoms, but when they do they usually include hard knots, reduced breast size, tenderness or pain…
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