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November 24, 2020 2 min to read

8 cognitive benefits of video games

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“Totally a waste of time!”; “Your eyesight would become weak. Do you want to go blind staring all the time on this screen?” Video games have always been thought to have negative impacts, especially by parents of young children, and have been associated with adverse impacts on health in general.

This is true to an extent if the individuals playing games become addicted and spend most of their valuable time on video games.

However, the researches conducted recently prove that playing video games can in fact be pretty beneficial in the cognitive development of both young children and adults.

Thus, people who play video games show improvement in the brain’s functioning; cognitive processes such as thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving, etc.

Some of the cognitive benefits that video games can provide include:

1. Improvement in memory

Playing video games can improve short-term and long-term memory. In order to play video games, one needs to remember the instructions provided at the beginning of the game.

Thus, if players want to clear all the levels, they need to remember the rules throughout the game. Plus, certain keys are used for playing certain games.

This means that the players must remember the keys they have to use for the actions their character in the game has to perform.

Therefore, the mind is continuously working to hold these details thereby enhancing the memory of the players.

2. Improvement in focus, attention, and concentration

Action video games are beneficial in improving the focus, attention, and concentration of players. In order to accomplish certain tasks, the players need to be alert all the time and go through the paths carefully.

This requires the complete attention of the player. Thus, the mental process of perception increases, and the players become more focused on the task at hand.

This helps them perform their daily tasks in a better manner as well. The action, real-time strategy games help improve the focus and concentration of the players.

3. Improvement in problem-solving skills

Video games pose different scenarios to the players that they have to deal with so as to reach the next level. The players have to analyze the situations and make decisions instantly while playing.

Therefore, the problem-solving skills of the players improve. They are able to implement this skill while dealing with their issues in real life too. Strategy games are especially helpful in this regard.

4. Improvement in coordination

Playing video games stimulates brain activity where the player must act according to the changing scenarios. The joystick or the keyboard must be handled accurately in order to achieve the required targets…
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