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February 7, 2020 4 min to read

3 easy steps to avoid plagiarism with online paraphrase tool

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Today, the major portion of the information available on the internet consists of paraphrased content. If you examine any set of websites content closely, you will note that the description of the products, services, and other information are describing the same thing, only the descriptions differ. This is the main reason why paraphrasing, article rewriter, and plagiarism tools have become so popular.

Any article rewrite tool or online paraphrase tool that does not force users to use a plagiarism checker is not worth wasting time on. A website operator or SEO might assign one person to rewrite the content and another to upload it on the website. Most of the time, both don’t bother to do a plagiarism check before uploading the rewritten content.

What will be the result of it?

If Google or any other search engine finds plagiarism on the website, it will penalize the website, and it will vanish into oblivion on the internet. No website operator or owner wants to see their website being penalized for plagiarism. That’s why it’s mandatory to avoid plagiarism before uploading any original or paraphrased content on a website.

Here are some steps that you can follow to understand how to use a paraphrase tool and avoid plagiarism.

What should a good paraphrase tool do?

Synonyms: A top-class paraphrase tool should examine each sentence and change words with the best-suited synonyms. Every word has several meanings, and using the wrong synonym to replace a word might cause the essence of the sentence to get distorted.

Sentence structure: While paraphrasing, the original theme of the sentence structure should not be changed. The tool can change from active to passive, from direct to indirect, or vice versa.

Basic theme: The main idea or thought of the original content should not be altered. If the original article is describing potatoes, the rewritten or rephrased article should describe potatoes, not tomatoes.

Facts and figures: Facts and figures should never be changed in the rephrased article.

A good paraphrase tool must provide you the ability to change a word with another synonym or use your own words. Secondly, after it has completed paraphrasing, it must not allow you to copy the rephrased content. It must force you to use a plagiarism checker.

Step by step guide for using a paraphrase tool

If you are using a paraphrase tool or an article rewrite tool, you must do it the right way. Don’t ever make the mistake of copy/pasting the entire content into a paraphrasing tool and running it. By doing this, you run the risk of losing the original concept of the content.

Understand the concept: Read the original content carefully and understand the main idea that has been described in it.

Break the content into manageable paragraphs: Take one paragraph at a time and paraphrase it. The right synonyms should be used in replacing words. It should be enough to pass a plagiarism checker.

Rephrase long sentences: If the content contains long sentences, just replacing words with synonyms will not work. Very few paraphrase tools have the capability of rephrasing the entire paragraph.

Simple tips to ensure quality rephrasing

Whether you are doing rephrasing on your own or using a rephrase tool, here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Fully understand the original content
  • Use your own words
  • Alter structures of sentences
  • Make it original to avoid plagiarism

By following these easy tips, you will always reproduce original material written in your own writing style while retaining the original concept.

Select the right sentence rewriter tool

With such a vast choice of paraphrase and article rewriter tools freely available on the internet, you must ensure that you are using the right paraphrase tool. The majority of the article rewrite tools are actually paraphrasing tools.

One paraphrase tool that does an excellent paraphrasing and plagiarism checking tool is There are several reasons for recommending this article rewrite tool, which are:


  • It is a sentence rewriter as well as a paragraph rewriter
  • It highlights the words that are replaced with synonyms
  • It allows you to use synonyms of your choice


  • At times the correct synonym is not used
  • Doesn’t restructure long sentences

With so many pros, some drawbacks are expected. After all, you must remember it’s a software program that’s doing the paraphrasing and not a human being or using artificial intelligence. Therefore, some shortcomings are to be expected. However, if the pros outweigh the cons, use it. When you use this paraphrase tool, you can be assured that it does a pretty good job.

Final Thoughts

No matter how excellent a paraphrase tool is, human intervention and supervision are required when using an article rewrite tool. It is advised to always check for plagiarism before finalizing and submitting any original or rephrased content on a website.

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