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February 23, 2020 2 min to read

Amazing & fun summer activities for pets & kids

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Summer, the hottest season of the year, gives endless fun to children. It is a period for enjoyment, trips, and laughter.

It is a perfect time to meet your friends and to have long holiday plans. It’s also the time to spend time with your pets.

Playing with pets teaches kids important skills in life they can’t learn in a text. Studies have proven that spending time with a family pet gives children a greater sense of empathy and teaches children a minimum sense of ethics.

Yet, too much hotness is very bad about this season, which causes dehydration, followed by dizziness.

Along with these hallmarks of summer come lazy days and more time to spend with your dog, hopefully. Here is a list of trips that can further furnish your happiness.

Pet portraits

Make this summer awesome with the amazing canvas portraits of your pets with CanvasPop. Let these cute dog portraits attract everyone. Its high time to develop the portrait of your pet.

For making these portraits, you don’t need any portrait artist. You just need a normal picture of your pet, which finally turns into an amazing portrait using the graphics and the technology.

It consists of a mixture of colors where you can choose the color which suits the best for the picture. There is also a unique combination of the design, which makes the portrait look more alive and alluring. These portraits also come up with a discount of 33% on each portrait of your pet.

Above all, this gives you the best memory for this summer vacation. Moreover, these portraits fascinate every visitor to your home.

1. Teach a New Trick

You will find books on how to train your pets. Go to the nearby library and grab your book and give them to your child.

Make your child teach your pup a few of the tricks. This not only gives your child a best friend but also nurtures the patience of your child.

This step can also serve as the stress buster from your daily life. This adds up a new skill to your child.

2. DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

Cardboard boxes make your pets drive crazy. The obstacles placed in the middle make the dog more agile and make it love the game.

For this, you need small orange cones. Set the cones in the way you would arrange them for a pickup football. As the number of cones increases, the gameplay would become more interesting. It is the most pleasant time your pet…
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