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November 2, 2020 2 min to read

A few signs that you are allergic to coffee

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Coffee as a drink is one of the most loved beverages across the world. Imagine a morning without coffee? It consists of caffeine which helps to energize our body and mind and be active throughout the day.

However, not everyone is tolerant of coffee.

It is not uncommon to be allergic to coffee, but it is also not seen in every second person that drinks coffee. The symptoms of coffee allergy are different in every individual.

Coffee allergy is caused when the immune system reacts and releases histamine.

Apart from caffeine, there are over 1000 chemical compounds in coffee, and to ascertain which combination is the reason for allergy is a challenging task.

However, studies have revealed some common chemicals in coffee that could be the reason for coffee allergy.

As said earlier, coffee contains histamine which could trigger an allergy in your body, but the allergy caused by histamine is not the typical allergy we know of. It is instead an inflammatory symptom which could be very severe in specific individuals.

Some people suffer from a condition called “mast cell activation syndrome,” which makes them more sensitive to histamine in food, thus resulting in food intolerance and subsequent release of more histamine in the body.

The caffeine in the coffee can cause reactions in your body. The symptoms of such reactions are nervousness, anxiety and heart racing.

These symptoms could also be there because you are allergic to caffeine, and there will be additional signs like numbness, rashes, abdominal pains and flu that could lead to anaphylaxis.

However, the mentioned symptoms rarely overlap.

Coffee allergy if any usually shows within the initial hours after drinking. It affects a lot of parts of your body, and if not treated on time can get worse.

Signs of coffee allergy would include:

– Vomiting and nausea
– Swallowing problems
– Wheezing cough
– Skin rashes like blotches of inflamed skin or hives
– Difficulty in catching breath or shortness of breath
– Sweating
– Mouth ulcers
– Pale coloured skin
– Weak pulse
– Headaches or migraines
– Congestion

If the allergic conditions are left untreated, it could lead to anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening. Anaphylaxis causes blocking of air pipes and swelling of mouth and throat, which results in severe heart fluctuations rate and drop in blood pressure.

Any individual having such symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. Even those people on anti-allergic medicines should not wait and refer to a doctor as early as possible.

Remember, coffee allergy and coffee sensitivity are different.

If you have experienced any of the below-mentioned conditions, it is probably because of…
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