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April 7, 2020 2 min to read

9 killer tips for argumentative writing

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The ability to write a properly structured and logically correct essay will be useful to everyone. Of course, you can always buy argumentative essays at online essay writing service providers, but it is essential for every person to be able to cope with this task on their own.

A well-reasoned article contains arguments that support the main idea and convince the reader that it is correct.

An argumentative essay includes a comprehensive consideration of the issue under discussion as well as strong arguments that can convince the reader of the correctness of the author’s point of view.

Thus, it will help you not only to be able to express your thoughts and convince people in writing but also to structure your speech. We have tips that will help you write impressive argumentative essays.

Examine the topic

The success depends on how thoroughly the author is able to analyze various aspects of the problem under discussion, leading the reader to an obvious and logical conclusion.

Before writing an essay, you should study the existing points of view on the subject in order to mention in your work the opinions that do not coincide with yours (counterarguments).

Choose an interesting and appropriate topic

Remember that an argumentative essay advocates a particular point of view on a controversial issue. Therefore, a topic on which opinions are unanimous is not suitable for such an article.

For example, you are unlikely to be able to write a good argumentation essay on the benefits of proper nutrition, since no one is opposed to this thesis. Choose topics that will trigger emotions.

Evaluate your target audience

When writing an argumentative essay, it is crucial to understand who is going to read your work. People’s level of education, profession, and life experience influence how they perceive a view different from their own.

Thus, it is advisable to consider these factors when writing an essay. When addressing various groups of people, we use different vocabularies and even grammatical structures.

For example, you will speak differently with a marketing manager in the company where you want to have an internship and your classmates. When addressing a particular audience, it is essential to consider these differences.

Come up with a catchy headline

A creative and original title will interest the reader, and he will want to continue reading your essay. A successful title will give the reader an idea of the article itself.

Scientific articles often use headings that consist of two parts separated…
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