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January 29, 2020 2 min to read

8 spring fashion trends to look out for

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Bunnies are hopping around, flowers are starting to open up, and the breeze is just right. A lot of people are also happy, and children are playing around. Indeed, the spring season is for everyone.

For a lot of individuals, spring welcomes a fresh breath to the world. After a long, harsh winter, most people frolic in the spring grass and all eager to release the joy and happiness being pent up during the winter.

Spring fashion might be a few months away, both men and women, and all sexes for that matter, are anxious to show off their spring wear. Without further ado, here are some of the trendiest things to wear this coming spring.

Slogan T-shirts

In the past, slogan t-shirts were considered to be eyesores. In today’s fashion, slogan tees are slowly making a comeback.

Due to the empowerment of women nowadays, t-shirts with feminist themes are popular choices to wear. Favorite examples of slogan tees are the House of Holland’s tee, which reads “Free To Roam”.

For men, these shirts can also bring a classy look. These shirts often show a minimalistic style, especially for men.

Just pair a white shirt with denim jeans and a clean pair of sneakers, and you’re done. If you want to add accessories such as shades, bucket hats, scarves, or even watches, then go for it.

A trick for wearing slogan shirts is finding a shirt that doesn’t have an obnoxious message to it. It would be best if you choose phrases or words that don’t offend people.

Not only are these shirts offensive and make you look stupid, these shirts can also get you in trouble. A simple design and simple words on a shirt can speak volumes and show how sophisticated a guy is, even by wearing a simple slogan shirt.


Credited with creating a happy and joyful look, Balenciaga slowly adapted the romantic patchwork look in this year’s spring fashion trends.

Patchworks are patterned dresses with beautiful and intricate patchings. The look often makes use of how beautiful floral designs go with each other, even if they don’t match together.


Well known as the 90’s trends, Iridescence gets a total makeover in shades of pink, blue, and green. Mostly made out of sequins, these dresses add that sexy and elegant look to a woman in spring.

Clothes made out of such materials are also an excellent way to shine and show that warm happiness in the springtime…
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