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January 31, 2020 2 min to read

7 ways minimalist lifestyle can help students to stay focused

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We can all agree that one can quickly achieve a lot of benefits of minimalism in virtually any sphere by changing one’s way of living.

However, for the students switching from owning to experiencing can be even a greater shift, particularly in the way they deal with their studies.

We have some proof of how minimalist living can actually maximize one’s productivity and help to concentrate what’s really important.

1. Unclutter Your Space and Organize Your Mind

And this is the #1 of all minimalist living tips one can find when googling about this philosophy. Indeed, making the space, you live less clogged with stuff that has a very powerful impact on how your brain starts working.

It’s not by chance that many productivity coaches advise people to get rid of unnecessary material belongings aka anchors that drag and slow you down, and one should start from their places of living.

There are many ways you can give the stuff you don’t need a second life: donate to charity funds, recycle, gift.

Otherwise later, instead of working on the project, you’ll be seeking college assignment help because your primary concern will be to get rid of the mess your room or apartment is.

Tip: divide your belongings into 3 categories (need, want, optional) and think about the last time you’ve used any. If the item is used less than 6 months ago, you don’t need it, so why keep it?

2. Quality over Quantity: Learn how to Prioritize

Living minimally doesn’t always imply having nothing – it means you choose to have high-quality things you need so you don’t have to think about their replacement in the nearest future.

It applies to everything: the point of minimalism is to make everything serve you with the most durability so you can take your time and privilege to concentrate on more important tasks, like writing your thesis or project for a grant.

Tip: invest in the best service when you need some help with writing and stick to it. It will allow you to think about more important studies than those not related to your major.

3. From Owning to Experiencing towards Nurturing

The philosophy of minimalism is pretty straightforward: reduce what you own, increase what you feel. Ironically, this is where the students are usually stuck due to various factors: peer pressure, relationships with parents, family background, fashion…
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