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January 7, 2020 2 min to read

7 simple productivity tips to follow and get more work done

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Dates are changed, and 2020 is here to set new beginnings. Before that, how was 2019 for you? Did you achieve what you thought?

Or you pushed those goals to 2020 and wondering how to be more productive this year. Relax, I am here to help you.

Whenever the new year begins, we often set ambitious goals for ourselves to achieve or call it resolutions. Some fail to follow them consistently.

What’s the reason behind it? It might be having no layout, succumbing to problems, making unrealistic goals, lack of determination and the list goes on.

Think, how can you motivate yourself to hit the gym every day if you never went to the gym before? So, start small and take baby steps towards bigger goals.

Focus on becoming more productive in 2020 and achieve what you always dreamed of. Let’s begin with the list of a few ideas or tips I collected for everyone to work on this decade:

Wake up early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” It is one of the famous quotes with a profound meaning.

If you sleep early at night, then its lot easier for you to wake up early without snoozing the alarm several times. By snoozing an alarm, you are signalling your brain that you failed to do the first task of the day.

So, wake up an hour or two early to enjoy extra time in a day. Get your tasks done in the given time by committing to yourself.

Initially, it can be hard, but as it became your routine, no one can stop you from reaping its benefits. Drink water, make your bed, do some exercises, meditate for a while, and get ready for the day to come. Stop making excuses and start working on it.

Stop Multitasking

Don’t be a jack of all trades; instead, be an expert in one domain. When you got multiple things to do on your list, people tend to handle all of them at the same time.

This way, the productivity reduces, and nothing gets done as intended. Best is to focus on One Thing at a Time. By continually switching from one task to another, the productivity level drops and work done is not top notch.

So, try to break the tasks in hand into smaller portions and start working on them. Once one job is finished, mark it and…
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