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October 6, 2020 2 min to read

7 matcha tea benefits you can’t afford to ignore

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If you haven’t heard about matcha tea, then you don’t know about all the incredible things it can do for your health and your body. Matcha green tea is really trendy at the moment, but there are good reasons for that.

People have drunk matcha tea for hundreds of years and that’s because of all the matcha tea benefits.

If you want to feel better, work out more effectively, reduce your stress and anxiety, then you should add matcha tea to your diet. It’s full of things that help your body to be at its best.

To help you understand what matcha tea can do for you, here is a list of seven of the best matcha tea benefits. Read on so that you can make the switch to matcha tea and start feeling better.

1. Boost Your Brain

One of the best matcha tea benefits is the effect it can have on your brain functionality. By adding matcha tea to your diet, you can help your brain with its attention span, prevent memory loss, and even improve your reaction times.

Matcha tea contains amino acids, including L-theanine. It also has EGCG in it. Research has shown that both of these amino acids work positively on the body’s neurochemistry.

As a result of the amino acids in matcha tea, your body can create more neurotransmitters. These help your brain do what it needs to do quicker and more efficiently.

The caffeine in matcha tea also helps you stay alert and improves brain functions and speed of thought.

2. Help Prevent Cancer

Studies of matcha tea in research facilities have led scientists to believe that the compounds within matcha tea could help prevent cancer. The EGCG in matcha tea might slow or stop cancer cells from growing.

The real health benefits of matcha tea come from the amino acids and the polyphenols contained in the tea. Green tea, in general, has these compounds naturally. Typically, they have been found to help the body regenerate and stay healthy.

While more research needs to be done to establish a clear link between drinking matcha green tea and helping the body prevent the growth of cancer cells, the early indications are positive.

3. Promote Heart Health

Again, the potential for matcha tea to help your body’s health comes down to the naturally occurring elements within the tea.

The high levels of antioxidants, amino acids, and polyphenols in matcha make it a great drink for boosting your overall health. The health of your heart is also something that can improve through matcha tea…
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