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March 23, 2020 2 min to read

5 tips for vacation prep

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As an experienced traveller during my college years, I have occasionally experienced vacation preparation speed bumps throughout my many travels.

These many thought hiccups have caused me to forget the most essential everyday items that don’t first come to mind when preparing for your vacation.

After graduating, preparing for vacation became similar to preparing for the “real world” of adulthood. I began to learn from my mistakes as I travelled, and decided to go the extra mile in helping vacation preppers experience a stress-free vacation with five tips to remember when preparing for your vacation:

1. Be flexible with your time

Allow yourself to plan for setbacks or timing hiccups such as flight delays or road traffic. An adaptable plan allows for a stress-free vacation and opens opportunity for endless new adventures as they arise.

Bonus tip for vacation flying? Find the business travellers in the security lines and position yourself behind them! People who travel for business go through airport security on a routine basis.

They’re quick and to the point with what needs done in an airport security line, which will help you get away from standing stationary for longer time than necessary!

2. Remember to Pack the Everyday Essentials

Many people forget some important items they wish they brought along with them. Forgetting to pack certain things results in an extra pit stop along the way to purchase what you left behind. Remembering to pack these small things will save you stress, time, and money during your trip:

An extra battery or charger

Every photography enthusiast will always agree with the proverb that “Pictures are worth a thousand words”. Truth be told, photographs will always capture memories of events with friends and family, such as vacations. A dead camera, however, leaves one stranded and vulnerable to missing key moments.

A water bottle

Travelling can leave people to forget about hydrating, especially in warmer, humid destinations during the summer. Dehydration is a major concern that many families overlook.

A jacket

Nights can still be cold regardless of how tropical your destination is. Packing only thin layered clothes like tank tops and shorts will not always keep you warm during the nocturnal weather!

Socks and Underwear

Your tropical family vacation surely shouldn’t be inspired by Gilligan’s Island or Survivor. Remember to pack more than just the pair of underwear and socks that you’re wearing during your travels…
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