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July 24, 2020 2 min to read

5 tips for a family RV vacation that they’ll always remember

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On the RV vacation, the parents can relax while their children can play games with each other. A family vacation on an RV will give everyone their freedom and weld the family closer together. That’s why this article gives you 5 tips for a family RV vacation that they’ll always remember.

We will show you how you can plan your vacation with children in the RV in the most exciting and relaxing way.

Travel Tip 1: Size matters!

If you are looking for a suitable rental RV for your family trip, there are a few things to consider for the perfect vehicle.

First, the more people travel, the more functions the car has to perform. With a multi-functional RV, one thing is sometimes overlooked, the size.

No matter how sophisticated the inner life in the RV is, the dimension still matters. If you are traveling with children on an RV frequently, choose a larger size.

Our recommendation for a holiday RV with children is to visit with three people and select a vehicle for 4 to 5 people.

It is a way to ensure that every family member has enough space, even for their luggage. Mobile homes with beds in the alcove is particularly family-friendly in this case. The beds are extendable and adjustable to give your children enough space for movements.

Travel Tip 2: Do not move so fast!

If you rent an RV and plan to travel all over Spain in ten days, you better switch down a gear for your children and your nerves.

Even for adults, it is tiring to drive from one place and settle in another place every day and to be ready to start again in the morning.

Most adults want to explore things on their vacation. They have goals and know about the preciousness of every single vacation day.

However, for children in the RV, especially for individual children, traveling is often more exhausting.

During a motorhome holiday with children, it is better to stay in one place for several days and allow your youngsters to explore the area and maybe make a friendship with local citizens.

Travel Tip 3: How to camp with your children?

The packing list for RV holidays with children is complicated but does not differ from the one you plan for a hotel holiday. It may sound boring, but it ultimately saves you time, money, and nerves.

Imagine the individual stages of your trip and think about what should not be missing, drinks, snacks, and some activity for the journey, for example. Some toys for kids are not an awful idea.

Rechargeable batteries and chargers for all the technical refinements that simplify the camping experience are essential. Especially sun protection is vital for children in RVs…
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