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September 25, 2020 2 min to read

5 reasons why you should visit Bucharest

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A visit to Romania is obviously not complete without a tour to its capital, Bucharest. It is one of the most attractive and interesting tourist destinations around the continent of Europe. Apart from its beauty, it has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and social life.

Bucharest is an amazing city. It’s one of the most affordable and safest city to visit in the world. Without further ado, if you are planning to tour Europe and in particular Romania, here are 5 reasons why Bucharest should top the list.

1. Palace of Parliament

One of Romania’s most iconic landmarks is the palace of parliament in Bucharest. It was formally known as The House of the People.

It is the second-largest government building in the world and the heaviest administrative building in the world.

Currently, it is the headquarters of the Southeast European Cooperation Initiative. It also houses the Romanian Chamber of Deputies and Romanian Senate.

The Palace of the Parliament is open for tourists seven days a week, all year round. If you plan to spend some days in Romania, make sure you visit the Palace of Parliament. The visit is worth your time.

However, for you to visit, you will need to schedule your tour in advance, have proper identification and be ready to pay the entrance fee.

Remember it’s a functioning parliament building and so, you just can’t wander around. Tourists are only permitted to the building if they are part of an official scheduled tour.

2. Stunning mix architecture

Bucharest is fully packed with treasures. To architecture lovers, Bucharest will impress you instantly. From rough blocks of flats built during the Communist regime to the churches in Brancovenesc style, majestic villas built in interbellum and charming monasteries, Bucharest is indeed a wonderful city with a strong impression.

3. National Village Museum

If you want to know the traditional life of the Romanians, the Village Museum is the place to be. Since 1936, its gates have been open to the public. It is located in the heart of the capital city of Romania.

The museum attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually. You can also be among them and enjoy a fascinating view of completely original monuments and exhibitions. The museum is open throughout the week and so it’s upon you to plan your visit any day.

Furthermore, Bucharest has over sixty memorial houses and museums. The larger ones will give you the impression of Romania’s political, historic and cultural ambitions. When it comes to the smaller intimate memorial houses, this is where you will learn and…
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