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June 22, 2020 2 min to read

5 energy boosting detox tips

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Everybody knows the feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and total lack of energy. People cope with it in a variety of ways – some of them just sleep or watch TV, others try some home SPA practices, and another group prefers doing sport or spending time outdoors.

But the majority of us seem to forget about the fact that our organism is, in the majority of cases, responsible for the bad mood or exhaustion. The way we treat our bodies is then reflected in our mental and physical condition.

Everything matters – the amount of water we drink, what and how often we eat, how we sleep. A bad diet and poor quality of sleep are often the causes of the worse period.

One thing we all can do about it is to try detox. What are the benefits of it and how can we do it?

What is detox?

Detox is a practice and in fact a variation of diet, that’s supposed to help the organism get rid of toxins and other substances that influence our health in a negative way.

Normally, human body takes energy from the diet ingredients and minerals from food, so its natural resources remain untouched.

In the case of a detox, however, you are supposed to strictly limit the amount of microelements that your body gets with food, in order to make it work ‘on its own’ and start getting rid of the problematic toxins and other elements.

Of course, every detox should be done with reason and after a doctor’s or dietician consultation. You can also visit a health centre.

There are many types of detox, but most popular involve, for example, limiting the diet only to fruit and vegetable juices or light soups.

Normally, a detox is supposed to last from one to two weeks, otherwise it can become dangerous for all the functions and systems of the body.

When it’s done properly, detox can help to boost the mood and energy and generally result in better condition.

Before starting the detox, it’s good to follow some tips. They include:

Remember about fruit and veggies

Whether you like it or not, fruit and vegetables seem to be the base of every detox plan. They are easy to digest, contain a lot of microelements and beneficial substances and they boost your metabolism.

It doesn’t mean that from now on, you’re going to eat only these two categories of food, but try to add a fruit or a vegetable to every meal you eat.

For example, try to prepare a smoothie instead a chocolate cupcake for lunch or replace your french fries portion with fried veggies and…
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