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July 26, 2020 2 min to read

11 incredible benefits of a humidifier

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Have you wondered if a humidifier would be a good addition to your household? The answer is yes. After all, humidifiers have been known to help reduce the risk of influenza transmission, let you sleep better, and offer tons of other benefits.

What does a humidifier do? It adds moisture to the air through steam or vapor. This moisture is a critical addition when you live in a place with cold, dry air.

For an investment of just a few hundred dollars, you can improve your quality of life and save money on your heating bills.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding this device to your home, keep reading to learn about 11 amazing benefits of a humidifier!

1. Maintain Moist Skin in the Winter

Winter is cold and dry for many of us, and it wreaks havoc on our skin and lips. People living in arid climates also deal with chapped skin, sometimes year-round. Dry skin looks bad, itches constantly, flakes, and may even crack.

Humidifiers can be a game-changer in the fight against dry skin and lips. Rather than reaching for another bottle of lotion and clogging your pores in the process, you can turn on a humidifier to build more moisture into the air. Keeping the humidity at 30-40% in your home will ensure a more comfortable environment.

Humidifiers can come in warm-mist or cool-mist options. The warm-mist option releases steam into the air while the cool-air variety releases cooler air.

Both moisturize your skin effectively but it’s important to note that the cool-air version requires more frequent cleaning to avoid the build-up of mold.

The warm-mist version may score better on that point, but it is going to be hot to the touch. With curious kids or pets around, you might want to choose the cooler humidifier or make sure that it’s out of reach.

One more thing — a humidifier can help keep your hair moisturized, too! For as much of a problem as dry skin can be, dry hair can be worse.

You want to look your best in your professional life, so buying a humidifier for your living space can help give you smooth, silky hair on those dry winter days.

2. Keep Away the Flu

Speaking of winter, there’s flu season to consider. Sure, washing your hands, getting plenty of sleep, and staying away from infected people can help keep the germs away.

But even if you do all of that plus get the recommended flu shot each season, you still should add one more preventative measure: a humidifier.

Research suggests that dry air allows viruses to survive better. Consequently, it is believed that keeping humidity levels above 40% can greatly reduce the risk of flu virus transmission.

When the air is dry, your nasal cavities will be dry. When that’s the case, your nose can get congested and the hairs inside won’t be able to do their main job: clearing the bad stuff out. This means that it’s more likely for dangerous particles (like a virus) to enter your body.

A humidifier can be a strong preventative measure during flu season, as long as you’re using it properly.

When you’re adding water to a humidifier, remember to use distilled water. Regular tap water has minerals that may be introduced into the air if used in a humidifier, and those…
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