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January 23, 2020 2 min to read

10 killer tips for argumentative writing

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Many people find argumentative writing to be quite challenging. Instead of investigating the matter and stating their opinion on the suggested topic basing on the information they find, they frequently order custom papers from professional writers instead of merely expressing their opinion.

Today, we are going to share with you ten useful tips on how to write excellent argumentative essays and slice and dice everything you need to know about this type of writing.

What Is Argumentative Writing?

An argumentative essay is a piece of critical writing where a writer expresses his opinion on a suggested topic, supporting his ideas with the help of strong, thoroughly investigated arguments.

The main aim of an essay is to persuade the reader that your standpoint is logical and correct.

Characteristic Features of Argumentative Writing

Argumentative essays have the peculiarities that differ them from other types of writing:

– It allows using First Person language;
– It contains statistics, writers’ ideas, and facts;
– It can be subjective;
– The first paragraph of the argumentative writing states the argument;
– It tries to persuade the reader of the writer’s standpoints;
– The text uses references and cites to support ideas;
– An essay has a defined structure.

Ten Tips for Excellent Argumentative Writing

We have prepared ten pieces of advice that can help you create a persuasive, argumentative essay. So, take your pen and be ready to take notes:

1. It Is All About The Topic

Choosing a topic for a piece of argumentative writing is one of the hardest parts (after the fear of a blank page). There are three main rules for picking up the right topic.

First of all, you should find an issue that can be supported by evidence. Thus, a question of “what’s tastier – tea or coffee” can trigger a neverending discussion and thousands of arguments, but it’s just a personal opinion.

Even if the topic is controversial and arises lots of noise, it doesn’t mean you have to write about it. Choose a matter that can have some scientific or statistical backup.

The second rule concerns your interests. Make sure you are passionate about the matter. First of all, it will make the research process more seulgi fascinating and involving.

Second of all, it will be easier for you to express your opinion and stand your ground.

The third rule contradicts the previous one a bit but is still valid. The topic must not get you too emotional. You must be able to process the evidence regardless of your personal beliefs.

If the topic is given at the exam, the only thing left is to do your best and convey your thoughts most compellingly…
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